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California State University Fullerton Congress and California Legislature Discussion

California State University Fullerton Congress and California Legislature Discussion


Congress vs. California Legislature: Congress is the federal legislative body in the United States, consisting of two chambers: the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House of Representatives has 435 members, with each member representing a congressional district based on population. Members serve two-year terms, and leadership is structured around the Speaker of the House, who is responsible for setting the legislative agenda and maintaining party discipline. The Senate, on the other hand, has 100 members, with each state electing two senators. Senators serve six-year terms, staggered so that one-third of the Senate is up for election every two years. The Vice President serves as the President of the Senate, but they only vote to break ties. The Senate Majority Leader plays a crucial role in setting the Senate’s agenda and is a prominent leadership figure.

In contrast, the California State Legislature is the state-level legislative body, consisting of two chambers: the State Assembly and the State Senate. The Assembly has 80 members, while the Senate has 40 members. Members in both chambers serve four-year terms, with term limits in place. The Speaker of the Assembly and the Senate President Pro Tempore are key leadership positions in their respective chambers, responsible for guiding legislative priorities and maintaining party cohesion.

Policy-Making Power in Congress: The House of Representatives and the Senate have distinct roles in the policy-making process. The House, with its larger membership and shorter terms, is more sensitive to public opinion and can more quickly respond to changing circumstances. The House holds exclusive powers over revenue and appropriation bills. The Senate, due to its smaller size and longer terms, often provides a more deliberative environment. The Senate ratifies treaties and confirms executive appointments, including federal judges and cabinet members. Additionally, the Senate plays a crucial role in confirming Supreme Court justices.

Propositions 140 and 28 Impacts on California Legislature and Electoral Politics: Proposition 140, passed in 1990, imposed term limits on members of the California State Legislature. This proposition limited Assembly members to three two-year terms and Senators to two four-year terms. The impact of Proposition 140 has been mixed. On one hand, it brought fresh faces and ideas into the legislature, but on the other hand, it also led to a lack of experienced lawmakers and institutional knowledge.

Proposition 28, passed in 2012, modified term limits by allowing legislators to serve a total of 12 years in either the Assembly or the Senate, rather than imposing separate limits for each chamber. This change aimed to strike a balance between maintaining experienced legislators and preventing excessive consolidation of power. Proposition 28 has allowed lawmakers to gain more expertise in their roles and potentially build stronger relationships across chambers, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the California State Legislature.

In conclusion, understanding the differences between Congress and the California legislature, as well as the impact of key propositions, provides valuable insights into the functioning of legislative bodies and their respective roles in policy-making and electoral politics.

California State University Fullerton Congress and California Legislature Discussion

Question Description

I’m trying to learn for my Political Science class and I’m stuck. Can you help?Compare Congress and California legislature including the size, length of term, and leadership structure of each chamber, and the major differences in the policy-making power of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Also discuss Propositions 140 and 28 and their impacts on California Legislature and electoral politics. Write at least 2 paragraphs to discuss the impacts.

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