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Business Ethics Discussion

Business Ethics Discussion


1. Rational Persuasion: To persuade staff members of the value and advantages of the new task, rational persuasion employs logical arguments and factual data. This tactic may work if the workers appreciate your knowledge and trust your arguments. In this situation, reasonable argumentation can assist the senior prosecutors in comprehending the significance of the new database and its possible impact on correcting racial and economic inequities in cases involving the death sentence.


    Intellectual appeals: When workers get the objective of the task, they are more inclined to buy into it.

    Communication that is open and honest promotes trust between managers and staff.


    Knowledge-based limitations: Senior prosecutors may only completely understand the nuances if they have data collection and analysis expertise.

    The task’s emotional component may need to be adequately communicated by purely rational reasoning.

2. Exchange Strategy: In an exchange strategy, something is provided in exchange for compliance. To allay the senior prosecutors’ worries about their lack of experience in data collecting and statistical analysis, you could offer them additional training, materials, or help in this situation.


    Demonstrates that their issues are understood and taken into account.

    Motivating: Employees may be encouraged to complete the assignment via tangible benefits or resources.


    Transactional: The workers could feel they are simply completing the task for the reward rather than because they value it.

    Short-term focus: The attention may veer from the value of the task to the benefits.

Combining Strategies: The trade approach and rational persuasion can work well together. Begin by outlining the significance of the assignment and any potential effects it might have on the legal system (rational persuasion). Then, provide further training and assistance to give the senior prosecutors the knowledge and resources they need to perform the work (exchange strategy) successfully.

Pressure tactics vs. inspirational appeals: Inspirational appeals target employees’ values, feelings, and goals. Developing a database for such a crucial topic demands sincere commitment and understanding so inspirational appeals can be more effective than pressure techniques. Inspirational appeals might encourage prosecutors to make significant contributions by helping them feel a part of the bigger picture.

Leaders’ Role in Assignment: Choosing lawyers with the most experience in capital cases was wise because they were more likely to be familiar with the data. Volunteers might only sometimes have the required knowledge, so ask around. The dynamic and workload could change if paralegals were involved, allowing more seasoned personnel to concentrate on analysis while utilizing paralegals’ research talents for data collecting.

Employee Concerns: Leaders should take employees’ worries seriously since addressing them can increase commitment and engagement. However, it might not be advisable to consistently use persuasive techniques if employees resist even after attempts to resolve their concerns. Alternative tactics could be considered, such as incorporating them in decision-making or giving them more training.

Combining Influence Techniques Effectively

A winning combination would include:

    Clearly state the significance of the work and the potential effects it could have.

    Exchange tactic: Provide resources, assistance, and training to help others develop their skills and confidence.

    Motivating appeals: Show commitment by tying the job to a bigger goal.

    Engage in participatory leadership by involving the lawyers in decision-making and asking for their advice on the best way to handle the project.

A more effective way to influence the workforce is to back up these techniques with pertinent data, real-world examples, and empathy for employee issues.

Business Ethics Discussion




You are the chief prosecutor heading an office with a number of assistant prosecutors, support staff, including paralegals and interns. Your paralegals are well-trained in legal research and in building databases for trials. You have to compile data on cases relating to the death penalty as part of a new tracking program that has been implemented by the state’s attorney general’s office. This is an unfunded mandate that does not provide any additional funds or resources to your office to establish a database. The project requires that you analyze cases prosecuted by your office over the previous 50 years, focusing on issues of racial and economic disparity.

Your assistant prosecutors seem to feel that data collection is mechanical work, fit only for fresh interns. However, you view it as an activity that is too important to delegate to your part-time interns or your paralegals without strong supervision.

Therefore, you decide to assign this duty to two of your senior prosecutors. They will have to devote 50 percent of their time to building the new database and performing the required analysis. You have chosen two prosecutors with the most experience prosecuting capital cases, knowing that they will be most familiar with the data. However, neither prosecutor has a strong background in data collection or computer-based statistical analysis. Both have expressed reservations about overseeing the project.

Which strategies do you think are most effective for influencing employees to undertake new tasks? Why? Assess the advantages and disadvantages of these strategies in the context of this scenario.

Should you use rational persuasion or the tactic of exchange strategy to influence the attorneys you selected for creating and maintaining the new database? Why? Explain how you might combine both, if necessary, to achieve the desired objective.

  • What are the inspirational appeals you could make to the attorneys? Explain. Will inspirational appeals work better than pressure tactics? Why?
  • As a leader, was it appropriate for you to select the two attorneys who would be assigned to this project? Would it have been better to request volunteers? Do you think this would lessen the need to persuade employees to take on this additional responsibility? Would the use of the paralegals change the dynamic as well as the work assignments?
  • How much credence should leaders give to employees’ expressions of concern over assigned tasks? Under what circumstances might it be inappropriate for a leader to continue to apply persuasion tactics with employees who appear resistant to performing certain tasks?
  • Which combination of the various proactive influence tactics would be most successful in influencing the staff? Why?
  • Support your responses with adequate research and supporting data. Review and comment on the submissions of at least two of your classmates by the end of the week.
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