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BCC Health Policy in the United States Sexism Discussion

BCC Health Policy in the United States Sexism Discussion


1. Examples of Sexist Comments and Relevant Spaces:

  • “You’re too emotional to handle this.”
  • “You should let the men handle this.”
  • “You’re too pretty to be a mechanic.”
  • “Women should focus on homemaking.”
  • “Math is too difficult for girls.”
  • “You’ll understand when you’re older, dear.”
  • “A woman’s place is in the kitchen.”
  • “Why don’t you let the men handle the negotiations?”
  • “You’re taking this too seriously; it’s just a joke.”
  • “You’re too bossy for a girl.”
  • “You must be on your period.”
  • “You’re not like other girls.”

These comments are often encountered in various spaces such as workplaces, schools, family gatherings, social events, online discussions, and media portrayals.

2. First Encounter with Everyday Sexist Comment: The first time someone experiences an everyday sexist comment can have a lasting impact. For instance, being told as a young girl that “girls aren’t good at sports” can discourage one from pursuing physical activities they enjoy. Conversely, such comments can fuel determination to prove the stereotypes wrong, leading to personal growth. However, repeated exposure to these comments can chip away at self-confidence and limit opportunities. Some individuals might develop resilience and a strong sense of advocacy against sexism, while others might internalize the negativity, affecting their choices and aspirations.

3. Effects of Everyday Sexism on Women’s College Experiences and Careers: Everyday sexism can significantly influence women’s college experiences and career paths. In college, sexist comments and attitudes can create a hostile environment, impacting academic performance, confidence, and engagement in extracurricular activities. This can lead to self-doubt and imposter syndrome, where women feel they don’t belong in their chosen fields. In careers, women may face obstacles in advancing to leadership positions due to biases reinforced by microaggressions. They might second-guess their abilities and hesitate to take on challenging roles, resulting in fewer women in top positions and perpetuating the gender leadership gap.

4. Ways Sexism Affects Men: While sexism predominantly targets women, it can also affect men in various ways:

  1. Emotional Expression: Sexist notions about masculinity can restrict men from openly expressing emotions. The phrases “Boys don’t cry” and “Man up” discourage vulnerability and emotional honesty, potentially leading to mental health issues and strained relationships.
  2. Limited Role Expectations: Comments like “Boys will be boys” and “That’s just locker room talk” can perpetuate harmful behaviors and attitudes among men. These phrases excuse inappropriate behavior and maintain the pressure to conform to specific gender roles, which can hinder personal growth and harm interpersonal dynamics.

In conclusion, everyday sexism perpetuates harmful gender stereotypes, affecting both women and men. It shapes life choices, self-perception, and opportunities, impacting women’s college experiences, career paths, and personal well-being. Recognizing and challenging these comments is essential for promoting gender equality and creating inclusive environments for everyone.

BCC Health Policy in the United States Sexism Discussion



We hear countless sexist comments over our lifetimes, and most of the time we shrug them off. But what about the words that can’t or won’t be so easily dismissed? A lifetime of absorbing sexism (starting at birth, when studies show people assign gender traits) leads to frustration and kills our self-confidence. At a young age we learn to follow certain behaviors based on traditional gender roles. Too often those who do not align with acceptable gendered boundaries are treated as outcasts or outsiders.

Gender-based microaggressions are subtle phrases or acts directed at us by others that make us doubt ourselves. These seemingly small acts of sexism contribute to the gender leadership gap, which creates a cyclical problem: Women are underrepresented, so their work is devalued, and so they devalue themselves, and on and on.

Hearing these comments day in and day out affects our personal, intellectual, and professional choices.

Answer the 4 prompts below:

  1. What are some other examples of sexist comments you’ve heard throughout your life? Are there certain spaces where you’re more likely to hear them?

Here are some examples to start the conservation:

  • “Won’t your kids distract you from work?”
  • “What does your husband think about that?”
  • “Girls just aren’t good at science.”
  • “Honey; Sweetie; Sugar”
  • “Your outfit is too distracting.”
  • “You should smile more.”
  • “Women are too emotional.” “You’re too pretty to be taken seriously.”
  • “Women aren’t natural leaders.”
  • “Boys don’t cry”
  • “Man up”
  • “Boys will be boys”
  • “That’s just locker room talk”

2. Can you remember the first time you heard an “everyday” sexist comment? In what ways have these comments shaped your paths — for good and bad?

3. How do you think everyday sexism affects women’s college experiences? What about their career paths?

4. In what ways does sexism affect men? List 2

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