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Barriers of Listening Barriers Discusson

Barriers of Listening Barriers Discusson


Title: Personal Reflection and Techniques for Overcoming Listening Barriers in Verbal Communication


One of the most important skills is effective communication, including speaking and listening. Listening difficulties might hamper our capacity to understand, interpret, and effectively respond to verbal communication. In this essay, I will discuss a personal scenario where I had trouble hearing, pinpoint the obstacles I faced, explain how they affected my capacity for effective listening, and offer solutions for getting through them.

My Own Experience

I recently struggled to participate actively in a team meeting at my place of employment. While discussing a complicated project, I was thinking about a deadline and an unrelated personal concern. Even though I was physically seated in the meeting, it was difficult for me to take in and understand the information being delivered since my mind was split.

Reported Obstacles

Upon consideration, I discovered two main obstacles that prevented me from listening well during the meeting:

    Psychological Noise: The internal distractions that interfere with our capacity to concentrate on the speaker’s message are called psychological noise. In my mind, the personal issues and the impending deadline generated psychological noise. This obstacle made it difficult for me to focus entirely on the conversation.

    Environmental Distractions: Because of the conference room’s proximity to a busy hallway, there was continual foot movement. These outside distractions fought for my focus, taking it away from the speaker and their message.

Resulting from Barriers

My capacity to effectively listen was significantly impacted by both psychological noise and external distractions:

    Reduced Comprehension: I had trouble understanding what was being said because of psychological noise. I kept missing important details and losing track of the conversation because my thoughts kept returning to my issues.

    Missed Information: The diversions from the surroundings made the issue worse. The commotion from the corridor made it difficult for me to hear anything well, so I missed certain aspects. I consequently found it difficult to comprehend the project’s context and effects.

Techniques for Overcoming Obstacles

I would use the following techniques to overcome these listening obstacles:

    Practicing mindfulness meditation before the conference may help reduce psychological noise. I might lessen the impact of personal concerns and improve my capacity to concentrate on the talk by spending a few minutes to empty my head and concentrate on the here and now.

    Requesting a Quieter Meeting Space: I may proactively ask for a quieter meeting space to combat outside distractions. I would be better able to hear and understand the speaker if I moved to a less noisy location or shut the door to filter out outside noise.

Using Strategies to Remove Barriers

    Meditation on mindfulness: Meditation on mindfulness trains the mind to be fully present and involved in the time. I would regularly practice mindfulness to improve my capacity to ignore bothersome thoughts and private worries during meetings. This would enable me to actively listen and analyze information, thereby reducing the effect of psychological noise.

    Requesting a Quieter Meeting Space: I would reduce the impact of outside distractions by choosing a quieter meeting space. This tactic would guarantee that my aural concentration stays on the speaker, enabling me to hear all the finer points and subtleties of the conversation. This would remove the hindrance of ambient distractions and result in enhanced cognition.


In conclusion, the team gathering was a good opportunity for me to reflect on the tremendous influence that hearing obstacles have on verbal communication. My capacity to listen intently and understand the speaker’s message was impaired by the psychological noise brought on by personal concerns and outside distractions. However, methods like mindfulness meditation and picking a more serene meeting location can lessen these obstacles. I can improve my listening abilities and contribute more significantly to future discussions if I put these techniques into practice. The information must be received and processed accurately and purpose to be communicated effectively.

Barriers of Listening Barriers Discusson



Write a 700- to 1,050-word APA format paper in which you identify listening barriers you have experienced, explain their effects, and determine appropriate listening strategies and responses during verbal communication.

Include the following:

  • Describe a situation from your life when you had trouble listening.
  • Identify two or more barriers that were present.
  • Explain how each barrier contributed to your inability to listen effectively.
  • Determine which two strategies would allow you to cope with these barriers.
  • Explain how each strategy might work to eliminate a particular barrier.
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