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AUST Making Contacts for The Future Exercises

AUST Making Contacts for The Future Exercises


Part 1: Why I Chose a Career in Financial Planning and Analysis

I have chosen a career in financial planning and analysis (FP&A) because of its inherent importance in the world of finance and business. FP&A professionals play a crucial role in helping organizations make informed financial decisions, allocate resources effectively, and achieve their strategic goals. Here are the reasons behind my choice:

  1. Analytical Aptitude: I have always possessed a strong aptitude for analytical thinking and problem-solving. FP&A requires a deep understanding of financial data and the ability to analyze complex financial information, which aligns perfectly with my natural skills and interests.
  2. Impactful Decision-Making: In the field of FP&A, professionals have the opportunity to influence key decisions within an organization. By providing accurate financial forecasts, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and recommending strategic investments, I can contribute directly to the success and growth of the business.
  3. Continuous Learning: Finance is a dynamic field that is constantly evolving due to economic shifts, regulatory changes, and technological advancements. This career choice offers the excitement of continuous learning and the chance to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.
  4. Stability and Versatility: A career in FP&A offers stability as financial expertise is always in demand across various industries. Additionally, the skills acquired in FP&A are transferable, allowing for versatility in career choices within the finance sector.
  5. Personal Fulfillment: Helping organizations achieve their financial objectives and witnessing the tangible impact of my work brings a sense of personal fulfillment. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about enabling businesses to thrive.

Part 2: Types of People Who Could Help in My Career

  1. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs): CPAs are essential in providing expertise in accounting principles, financial reporting, and compliance. Their knowledge helps ensure the accuracy and integrity of financial data.
  2. Financial Advisors: Financial advisors possess expertise in investment strategies, risk management, and wealth planning. Their insights can be valuable for individuals and organizations looking to make informed financial decisions.
  3. Corporate Lawyers: Lawyers specializing in corporate law can provide legal counsel on financial transactions, contracts, and regulatory compliance, ensuring that financial decisions are legally sound.
  4. Chief Executive Officers (CEOs): CEOs have a strategic vision for their organizations and can provide valuable insights into the long-term financial goals and challenges they face.
  5. Market Research Analysts: Professionals in market research analyze consumer trends, industry competition, and market dynamics. Their insights can inform financial planning and investment decisions.

Part 3: Social Media Platforms for Networking

  1. LinkedIn:
    • Why: LinkedIn is the premier professional networking platform, tailored for career-oriented individuals and businesses in various industries, making it ideal for connecting with finance professionals.
    • How: I will create a well-crafted LinkedIn profile highlighting my skills, experiences, and career goals. I will engage with industry-specific groups, share relevant articles, and reach out to potential mentors or connections through personalized messages.
  2. Twitter:
    • Why: Twitter offers real-time updates on industry news, trends, and discussions. It’s a great platform for staying informed and connecting with professionals.
    • How: I will follow finance influencers, participate in relevant Twitter chats, and share insightful content related to finance and FP&A. Engaging in meaningful conversations can lead to valuable connections.
  3. Meetup:
    • Why: Meetup allows users to find and build local professional networks by attending industry-specific events and meetups.
    • How: I will search for finance-related meetups in my area, attend events, and actively participate in discussions. Face-to-face interactions can be a powerful complement to online networking.

Part 4: Taking Action

I reached out to three finance professionals on LinkedIn:

  1. I contacted a financial analyst working at a prominent financial institution, explaining my interest in FP&A and requesting insights into their career journey. This contact may provide valuable advice and potential networking opportunities.
  2. I reached out to a CPA who specializes in tax planning and financial advising. I inquired about the challenges in the finance field and how CPAs contribute to financial decision-making. This connection may provide guidance on necessary qualifications and skills.
  3. I messaged a finance professor at a local university, expressing my interest in furthering my education in finance. This contact could potentially offer advice on pursuing advanced degrees or certifications relevant to FP&A.

By proactively reaching out to these professionals, I aim to expand my network, gain insights, and build meaningful connections that can support my career aspirations in financial planning and analysis.

AUST Making Contacts for The Future Exercises



Regardless of the career that you pursue or are currently pursuing, it is likely that the action of securing the resource of friends and professional acquaintances will be as valuable as any other action you could take.

Part 1:

First, take some time to reflect on your career and/or future career. If this includes more than one career path, then focus on the one that you are most concerned with in the long term. This might include working in a specific field, starting a business, or any other pursuit you are currently working on or plan to work on in the future. The choice behind the pursuit you will focus on is a personal choice. (I plan on working in finance, particularly financial planning and analysis with my current job in nuclear energy)

Write on why this particular career and/or pursuit is your choice. Reflecting on the why behind your wish to achieve a goal will help to make it feel more tangible to you. This exercise of reflection should serve to remind you of your motivation and will be a good thing to refer back to if your motivation ever gets low. The “why” behind a pursuit is oftentimes more important than the “how” of a pursuit. If you have a strong enough “why,” you will find the “how.”

Part 2:

For the second part of this assignment, make a list of the types of people that could help you in your career and why those people would be good contacts to have. This list should be general in nature, meaning you should list professions or names of positions within companies rather than specific names.

You should list general fields or positions like accountants, attorneys, marketing managers, CEOs, etc., rather than any specific names. Be sure to list at least five professions or types of people.

Part 3:

Next, consider which social media platforms you could use to make personal contacts that could help you in your pursuit along with why and how you could use each. Ensure that the platform and your use of it line up with the specifics behind your chosen future goal.

Describe at least three different platforms you could use, along with why you would use it, and how you would use it for each of the three.

Platform #


  • How?
  • Platform #
  • Why?
  • How?
  • Platform #
  • Why?
  • How?
  • Part 4:
  • Finally, put all of this together and take action. The next part of this assignment is where you can make a big difference in your grade as well as in your real life pursuit of a goal!

Reach out through the avenue of social media and make contact with three people that you do not currently know. Describe who you contacted and why (you do not need to give their specific name). Explain how you went about contacting them. Contacting someone that works in the same field as you or the same field you intend to work in should be relatively easy as long as you take a professional approach. Speculate over how this new contact might be helpful to you in the future. If you are not currently using social media, then find someone that you know that has used social media to make connections. Ask them to describe how social media has helped them to network and write about social media has helped them to network and make connections. Use at least 2 credible sources.

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