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AU Why Gender Difference Matters Discussion

AU Why Gender Difference Matters Discussion


  1. Different View of Sexuality: Christopher West’s perspective on sexuality is often associated with a Catholic Christian theology known as the Theology of the Body. This theology emphasizes the sacredness of the human body and sexuality and sees them as gifts from God. It may differ from some secular views or more restrictive religious views on sexuality.

    One concept that stands out in the Theology of the Body is the idea that human sexuality, when properly understood and lived out, can lead to a deeper connection with God. This perspective often challenges the notion that sexuality is solely a source of sin or shame.

  2. Positive and Hopeful Aspects: The positive aspect of this view of sexuality is that it emphasizes the sacredness and dignity of each person. It can promote a healthier and more compassionate approach to addressing sexual issues, encouraging individuals to seek healing and reconciliation rather than fostering shame or repression.
  3. Impact on Working with Others: When working with individuals struggling with sexual issues, a perspective like the Theology of the Body can encourage social workers to approach their clients with empathy and respect for their inherent dignity. It may help social workers view sexuality as a potential source of healing and growth rather than just a problem to be solved.

    However, this perspective might create challenges in a secular or diverse setting, as not all clients may share this worldview. It’s crucial for social workers to be sensitive to the diverse beliefs and values of their clients and to provide care that aligns with their clients’ goals and values.

  4. Impact on Social Work Issues and Policies: A Biblical view of sexuality, as presented in the videos, might impact social work in various ways, such as:
    • Sex Education: It could affect how sex education is approached in public schools, with some advocating for abstinence-based programs rooted in religious beliefs. Social workers may need to engage in discussions about comprehensive and inclusive sex education policies.
    • Reproductive Rights: It might influence positions on issues related to contraception and abortion. Social workers might need to navigate these sensitive topics while respecting diverse perspectives.
    • LGBTQ+ Rights: A Biblical view of sexuality might conflict with LGBTQ+ rights and issues. Social workers should be prepared to provide inclusive and affirming support to LGBTQ+ individuals while respecting their religious freedom.
    • Domestic Violence and Consent: Social workers may encounter cases related to domestic violence or consent issues where differing beliefs about sexuality and gender roles come into play. Sensitivity and cultural competence are essential.

In summary, a Biblical view of sexuality, such as the one presented in the videos, can have both positive and challenging implications for social work practice. Social workers should aim to balance their clients’ diverse beliefs with ethical standards and a commitment to promoting the well-being and dignity of all individuals.

AU Why Gender Difference Matters Discussion



Watch the following videos:

  1. Christopher West: Why Gender Differences Matter
  2. Christopher West: The Christian Fulfillment of Eros

Christopher West: Healing Our Sexual Brokenness

  1. Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following discussion questions:

Describe how a view of sexuality presented in the videos is different from the view you have understood or held. Identify at least 1 concept from the videos that stood out to you, and explain your insights, thoughts or reactions.

  1. A Biblical view of sexuality is sometimes seen or presented as repressive, shaming or intolerant. Do you see that in the view presented in the videos? What is positive and hopeful about the view presented?

Discuss how the perspectives presented in the videos impact your thinking about working with others who are struggling with sexual issues of any kind.

  1. How do these ideas help?

How do these ideas create additional challenges or concerns?

  1. A Biblical worldview of sexuality like the one presented in the videos can affect many issues that social workers may encounter in their agencies with clients and policy. Describe an issue where a Biblical view of sexuality might impact you as a social worker and how you might respond to it
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