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AU United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Essay

AU United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Essay


Cover Page: The cover page typically includes the title of your document (e.g., “Strategic Plan Part II: Chapter 2 – The Literature Review”), the name of the author or organization, the date of completion, and any other relevant information like logos or branding.

Working Table of Contents: The working table of contents provides a list of the sections and subsections within Chapter 2. It helps readers navigate through the content easily.

Updated Chapter 1, Revised Using Instructor Comments: This section involves incorporating any feedback or comments received from your instructor on Chapter 1 of your strategic plan. Make necessary revisions to ensure the first chapter is well-polished and addresses the instructor’s suggestions.

Body of Chapter 2: Literature Review: This is the core of Chapter 2, where you delve into the pertinent studies related to your selected organization and strategic plan. In this section, you will:

  1. Introduction to Literature Review: Provide an introduction that explains the purpose and significance of conducting a literature review in the context of your strategic plan. Outline what readers can expect in this chapter.
  2. Organizational Context: Introduce your selected organization, its background, industry, and any relevant information that sets the stage for understanding the studies you’ll discuss.
  3. Review of Pertinent Studies: Present a comprehensive review of the studies that are directly related to your organization and its strategic plan. Discuss research, articles, reports, and other literature that offer insights into topics relevant to your strategic plan. These topics could include market analysis, competitive analysis, consumer behavior, industry trends, organizational strategies, and more.
  4. Synthesis and Analysis: After presenting each study, analyze the findings and discuss their implications for your organization’s strategic plan. Compare and contrast different studies, identifying patterns, consistencies, and discrepancies in the research.
  5. Gaps and Opportunities: Identify any gaps or areas where the existing literature falls short in addressing your organization’s strategic plan. Discuss how your plan aims to fill these gaps and capitalize on opportunities highlighted by the literature.

References Page: List all the sources you cited throughout your literature review chapter. Follow a consistent citation style (such as APA, MLA, Chicago) as required by your institution or guidelines.

Remember that your literature review should not just be a summary of studies; it should showcase your critical thinking and ability to synthesize information to inform your organization’s strategic plan. Make sure to cite sources accurately and provide proper credit to the authors of the studies you reference.

AU United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Essay



THIS IS PART II of the strategic plan


The Literature Review must contain the following items:

  • Cover Page
  • Working Table of Contents
  • Updated Chapter 1, revised using instructor comments
  • Body of Chapter 2 comprising the pertinent studies related to the selected organization and strategic plan.
  • References Page.
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