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AU Marketing Perigord Bakery Expansion Legal Factors Presentation

AU Marketing Perigord Bakery Expansion Legal Factors Presentation


Slide 1: Political/Legal Factors

  • Research a foreign country’s political stability and legal framework.
  • Investigate the country’s regulations regarding food businesses.
  • Examine the taxation policies and import/export regulations.
  • Analyze any potential political risks or instability in the chosen country.


  1. Political Stability and Legal Framework: It’s essential to assess the political stability of the chosen country. A stable political environment reduces the risk of sudden policy changes that can affect your bakery business. Research the country’s legal framework to understand how it governs foreign businesses and the ease of doing business.
  2. Regulations for Food Businesses: Investigate the specific regulations governing food businesses in the target country. This includes food safety standards, labeling requirements, and licensing processes. Complying with local food regulations is crucial to avoid legal issues.
  3. Taxation Policies: Analyze the country’s taxation policies, including corporate taxes, import duties, and value-added tax (VAT). High taxation can significantly impact your profitability. Understanding tax regulations is vital for financial planning.
  4. Import/Export Regulations: If you plan to import or export ingredients or products, research the country’s import/export regulations. Tariffs, customs procedures, and trade agreements can affect the cost and logistics of your bakery’s international operations.
  5. Political Risks: Assess any potential political risks or instability in the target country. Factors such as government instability, civil unrest, or changes in leadership can impact your business operations and safety.

Slide 2: Technology Factors

  • Evaluate the level of technological infrastructure in the chosen country.
  • Research the adoption of e-commerce and online ordering in the market.
  • Assess the availability of advanced kitchen equipment and machinery.
  • Explore the country’s digital marketing and social media landscape.


  1. Technological Infrastructure: Evaluate the country’s technological infrastructure, including access to the internet, mobile connectivity, and electricity reliability. A robust infrastructure supports efficient business operations and online engagement.
  2. E-commerce and Online Ordering: Research the level of e-commerce adoption and online food ordering in the target market. A strong online presence and the availability of delivery platforms can enhance your market reach and customer convenience.
  3. Kitchen Equipment and Machinery: Assess the availability and accessibility of advanced kitchen equipment and machinery. Modern equipment can improve production efficiency and product quality.
  4. Digital Marketing and Social Media: Explore the country’s digital marketing landscape and social media platforms. Effective digital marketing can help you reach and engage with potential customers. Understanding local preferences for online communication is essential.
  5. Data Security and Privacy: Consider data security and privacy regulations in the chosen country, especially if you plan to collect customer information for online orders. Compliance with data protection laws is crucial to avoid legal issues.

Slide 3: Geographic Factors

  • Study the geographical location and climate of the foreign country.
  • Analyze the proximity to suppliers and distribution networks.
  • Consider the transportation infrastructure and logistics challenges.
  • Evaluate the potential impact of local geography on product preferences.


  1. Geographical Location and Climate: Understand the geographical location and climate of the target country. Climate can affect the availability of certain ingredients, seasonal product demand, and shipping conditions.
  2. Proximity to Suppliers and Distribution Networks: Assess how close the country is to potential suppliers of ingredients and distribution networks. Proximity can impact supply chain efficiency and transportation costs.
  3. Transportation Infrastructure: Analyze the transportation infrastructure, including road, rail, and port facilities. Efficient logistics are crucial for timely delivery of ingredients and products.
  4. Logistics Challenges: Identify potential logistics challenges, such as customs delays, traffic congestion, or rural distribution difficulties. Addressing these challenges is essential for smooth operations.
  5. Local Geography and Product Preferences: Consider how the local geography may influence product preferences. Certain regions may have traditional foods or preferences that align with your bakery’s offerings.

By thoroughly researching these political/legal, technology, and geographic factors in the chosen foreign country, you can make an informed decision about the feasibility of entering that market with Perigord Bakery.

AU Marketing Perigord Bakery Expansion Legal Factors Presentation





Scenario: You are the owner of Perigord Bakery, which is currently located in the city closest to where you live. You specialize in breads and sweets from many different countries and now have operations in six regions of the U.S.

Your task is the following:

Based on the scenario, identify another country outside the United States to research and determine the feasibility of

  • entering this foreign market for the Perigord Bakery as the owner

This week we will address:

Political/Legal Factors

  • Technology Factors
  • Geographic Factors
  • Use bulleted points to make your main points (3–4 bullets per slide) and then explain those bulleted points in
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