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ASU Addressing Global Hunger Discussion

ASU Addressing Global Hunger Discussion


Response to Discussion 1:

I completely agree with your insightful analysis of the importance of food for human development and the role of nutrients in supporting growth, immunity, and cognitive functions. A balanced diet indeed plays a critical role in maintaining optimal health throughout one’s life. Your comparison of strategies used by China, Brazil, and the United States to address food production challenges is quite informative. The utilization of advanced agricultural technologies in the United States, expansion of agricultural output in Brazil (albeit with environmental concerns), and China’s focus on policies for modernizing agriculture showcase the diversity of approaches countries take.

You’ve also highlighted a significant factor in world hunger – war. The impact of war on food production, distribution, and access cannot be overstated. It disrupts entire ecosystems, leaving vulnerable populations even more exposed. Your future career in accounting could indeed make a substantial difference. Effective financial management, resource allocation, and cost reduction strategies can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of hunger relief programs. The role of accountants in optimizing funding allocation and resource utilization for humanitarian efforts is often underestimated, and your perspective highlights a crucial aspect of addressing global hunger challenges.

Response to Discussion 2:

Your emphasis on the fundamental nature of food as a basic human necessity is spot on. The fact that millions suffer from hunger in a world of plenty is truly disheartening. Your explanation of the various factors contributing to world hunger, from climate fluctuations and economic issues to lack of jobs, paints a holistic picture of the complexity of this challenge. It’s indeed frustrating that despite the available resources, many people still don’t have access to enough food due to a range of systemic and societal reasons.

Your perspective on addressing hunger through education and outreach in your career is commendable. Helping eligible individuals and families access the support systems available to them is a crucial step in tackling hunger at a local level. Educating people about the resources and programs that can provide assistance can make a significant difference in their lives. Empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools to access available resources can contribute to reducing hunger and its associated hardships.

Both of your discussions shed light on different aspects of the global hunger issue and present thoughtful approaches to addressing this challenge. It’s clear that a multifaceted approach, combining technological advancements, policy changes, financial management, and community education, is necessary to make meaningful progress in the fight against hunger.

ASU Addressing Global Hunger Discussion



Respond to at least two colleagues with posts of 150 words each.

Discussion 1

Food is essential for human development, as it provides the necessary nutrients for growth and maintenance of the body and brain. Nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, and fats are crucial for the development of muscles, bones, and organs, while vitamins and minerals help the body to function properly. A balanced diet that includes a variety of foods is important for optimal development. Malnutrition, caused by a lack of adequate nutrients, can result in stunted growth, weakened immune systems, and poor cognitive development. Therefore, access to nutritious food is crucial for healthy development, particularly in children.

The requirement for food production is being addressed in various ways by China, Brazil, and the United States. The agricultural industry in the United States is highly developed and makes use of cutting-edge technologies to boost crop yields and efficiency. Contrarily, Brazil has increased its agricultural output by destroying huge tracts of the Amazon rainforest, raising worries about deforestation and environmental harm. In addition to investing in the development of new technology to increase crop yields and food safety, China has enacted policies to promote the growth of contemporary, large-scale agricultural enterprises. While all three countries are committed to raising food production, their strategies differ in terms of sustainability, influence on the environment, and technological advancement.

War is one cause of world hunger. War can disrupt food production and distribution systems, leading to food shortages and price increases. War can displace people from their homes and disrupt their access to food, water, and healthcare. War can damage infrastructure, such as roads and bridges, making it difficult to transport food and other supplies. Also, war can lead to economic instability, which can cause food prices to rise and make it more difficult for people to afford food.

My future career in accounting could help address the issues of global hunger in several ways. Accountants can help organizations and governments manage their finances more effectively, which can lead to more efficient use of resources and better allocation of funds for hunger relief programs. Accountants can also help identify areas where costs can be reduced, allowing organizations to allocate more resources to hunger relief efforts.

Source: https://www.state.gov/u-s-relations-with-brazil/ 

Discussion 2

Why is hunger a popular topic when we have resources that can our people

There are many things in life that we want and need but when it comes down to food that’s absolutely something we need and if we don’t get, we can’t live and function like we should. Food is one of the four human necessities that we need to live. The average human can go 8 to 10 days without food. There are millions of people that die without food. The number has basically passed any other sickness in the world.

When it comes to a human growing and developing you must have your food. When it comes to food, it has all of your nutrients that you need to survive and be able to function and go on with life. If you don’t have food your body may not be able to function, or it may go into a coma. When it comes to world hunger there are so many reasons from climate, lack of jobs, economic problems. There should not be an say so on who eats and who doesn’t when there is enough food to go around to everyone. When it comes to climate, the weather changes daily and we really don’t know how to properly care for or take care of the crops due some days it may be storming and hot and or cold and windy. So we just have to care for them and be prepared for all weather at all times. I know crops need water, sunlight but sometimes they may get too much.

When it comes to my career and addressing the hunger issues sometimes people are eligible food stamps and other programs that can help their families, sometimes people go by the street talk, and they don’t even try and see if they are eligible to receive help. If needed, we educate our citizens and non-citizens on the benefits that are offered in the community to help them.

Source: https://www.usda.gov/media/press-releases/2022 


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