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Assessment of Hispanic Family.

Assessment of Hispanic Family.


I – Assessment

Introduction: Begin your family assessment paper with an introduction that provides an overview of the assignment and the theoretical framework you used for the family interview.

Family Background and Impacts of Family Issues: In this section, provide a brief background of the Hispanic family you interviewed, including key demographic information such as family members’ names, ages, relationships, and any relevant historical or cultural background. Discuss how the identified family issues impact individuals and other family members’ social and psychological functioning. Use the genogram and ecomap (attached as an appendix) to visually represent the family structure and environmental influences. Analyze the connections between family issues and the family’s structure and environment.

Types and Quality of Relationships: Analyze the genogram and ecomap to identify the types of relationships within the family. Consider the quality of these relationships, looking for patterns of support, conflict, or communication. Discuss how these relationships may be influenced by cultural factors or other external influences.

Stage of the Family Life Cycle: Apply the concepts of the family life cycle to the Hispanic family you interviewed. Discuss which stage of the family life cycle the family appears to be in and how this impacts their experiences and challenges. Use Goldenberg, Stanton, & Goldenberg’s (2017) framework for understanding family life cycles.

Strengths and Vulnerabilities: Identify the strengths and vulnerabilities of the Hispanic family system. Consider the family’s cultural values, resilience, and coping strategies as well as any factors that may put them at risk or make them more vulnerable to challenges. Discuss how these strengths and vulnerabilities interact with the family’s issues.

Cultural Elements: Examine the impact of ethnicity and diversity on the family. Discuss common characteristics and values within the Hispanic culture that are relevant to this family’s experiences. Explore the family’s attitudes toward seeking help, the influence of race, class, religion, gender roles, and historical factors on their dynamics and challenges. Be sure to provide concrete examples from the interview that illustrate these cultural elements.

II – Personal & Professional Critical Reflection

In this section, critically reflect on your practice competencies and the application of the selected theoretical framework for assessing the Hispanic family. Consider the following points:

Insights Gained: Discuss any insights you gained from applying the chosen theoretical framework to the family interview. How did this framework help you understand the family’s dynamics and challenges? What did you learn about the family that you might not have discovered without this framework?

Multicultural Practice Application: Reflect on your ability to apply multicultural practice principles, particularly in the context of Hispanic culture. Discuss any challenges or successes you experienced in navigating cultural differences during the interview process. Consider how your cultural competence impacted your interactions with the family and your ability to assess their needs accurately.

III – Conclusion

Wrap up your family assessment paper with a conclusion that summarizes the key findings from your interview and analysis. Discuss the implications of your assessment for potential future interventions or support for the Hispanic family. Reflect on the broader importance of cultural competence in social work practice and the value of using theoretical frameworks to inform assessments in diverse contexts.


Include the genogram and ecomap you created for the family as visual aids to support your analysis. Ensure these visuals are labeled and referenced appropriately in the main body of the paper.


Cite any sources or references you used in your paper, including the theoretical framework you applied and any relevant literature on Hispanic family dynamics and culture. Follow the appropriate citation style (e.g., APA, MLA) as required by your assignment guidelines.

Assessment of Hispanic Family.






In Week 2, perform an interview of the volunteer family identified in Week 1 using a structure based on one of the theoretical frameworks covered in the course:

  • Multi-generational
  • Human validation
  • Structural
  • Cognitive-behavioral
  • Solution-focused
  • Narrative


  • The interview aims to collect information for your family assessment paper;
  • DO NOT provide any actual treatment and intervention.

Then, in a paper:

  • Assess how issues impact the Hispanic family system based on the selected mode
  • Provide your critical reflection of practice competencies and its multicultural practice application
  • Construct a genogram and an ecomap of the family.

Discuss the following and organize your family assessment paper as follows:

I – Assessment
Prepare your interview questions by including the following aspects:Family background and impacts of family issues: Briefly provide the family background, and discuss how Hispanic family issues affect individuals and other family members’ social and psychological functioning (attach both genogram and ecomap as appendix)
The types and quality of relationships depicted in the genogram and the ecomap
The stage of the family life cycle (see Goldenberg, Stanton, & Goldenberg, 2017, pp. 33-34)
The strengths and vulnerabilities of the Hispanic family
Cultural elements: What are the effects that ethnicity and diversity have on the family, within the family, and its environmental systems (i.e. common characteristics, values about seeking help, the impact of race, class, religion, gender roles, historical factors).II – Personal & Professional Critical Reflection
A critical reflection of practice competencies (e.g., any insights gained in applying the selected theoretical framework for assessing the family) and multicultural practice application – particularly in Hispanic culture based on the experience of the interview and this assignment.III –

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