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ARU Introduction to modern philosophy Question

ARU Introduction to modern philosophy Question


Famous philosophers Descartes and Locke held opposing views on the genesis of the concept of God, namely whether it is intrinsic or learned through experience. Before I present my viewpoint, let’s explore each philosopher’s position more thoroughly.

René Descartes, a French philosopher who lived in the 17th century, asserted that people are born with an intrinsic belief in God. He held that because God is a perfect creature and people are fallible, they could not have created the idea of God. Therefore, Descartes asserted that God inserted this intrinsic notion into our minds. He asserts that this conception of God is essential to human rational thought, independent of sensory experiences or empirical discoveries. “Cogito, ergo sum” (I think, therefore I am), a classic adage by Descartes, emphasizes the crucial function of reason in human existence.

John Locke, a significant philosopher of the same age, adopted a different perspective. According to Locke, the human mind is a tabula rasa, or “blank slate,” at birth, free of any preexisting concepts. In Locke’s view, all knowledge and concepts come from the process of reflection and sensory experiences. According to him, the mind builds complex ideas—like the concept of God—by combining and abstracting straightforward concepts learned via sensory awareness. In other words, according to Locke, the idea of God is not intrinsic but something that has grown over time due to experiences and reflections.

My standpoint: Given the perspectives of Descartes and Locke, I tend to agree more with Locke’s standpoint. Being a complicated and abstract conception, the existence of God is more likely the result of human cognitive processes, which also include sensory experiences and introspection. Descartes’ claim that ideas are innate is conceptually intriguing, but any evidence does not support it. On the other hand, Locke’s empiricism is based on observable occurrences and offers a more tenable account of how people come to have the concept of God.

Furthermore, modern cognitive science and psychology usually support Locke’s perspective. According to research, complex ideas, such as those related to religion and metaphysics, frequently develop through social and cultural interactions and personal experiences. More likely, these concepts differ throughout cultures and eras, supporting the notion that they are learned rather than inborn.

Finally, Descartes and Locke had different ideas on how the concept of God came to be; Descartes proposed innateness, and Locke supported empiricism. Both viewpoints have their place in philosophical discussion. Still, in my opinion, Locke’s explanation of how people come to understand God in light of contemporary scientific data and cognitive research is more compelling.

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Descartes argues that the idea of God is innate.  Locke disagrees.  Explain both philosophers positions, and then offer your own position in light of their views


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