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ARU Introduction to Biopsychology Discussion

ARU Introduction to Biopsychology Discussion


Dear Carlise,

When dealing with a patient who has suffered a debilitating closed-head injury causing various impairments, professionals from different divisions of biopsychology can play crucial roles in their treatment and recovery. Let’s explore how each division can contribute:

  1. Psychopharmacology:
    • Psychopharmacologists can assist by prescribing medications to address specific symptoms resulting from the head injury. For instance, if the patient experiences chronic headaches or mood changes, appropriate medications can be prescribed to alleviate these symptoms.
    • They will monitor the patient’s response to the medications and make necessary adjustments to optimize treatment outcomes. For example, if the patient develops anxiety or depression as a result of the injury, psychopharmacologists may prescribe antidepressants or anxiolytics.
    • Additionally, they can help manage any potential side effects or complications arising from medication use.
  2. Neuropsychology:
    • Neuropsychologists play a crucial role in assessing and addressing cognitive deficits resulting from the head injury. They can conduct comprehensive neuropsychological assessments to identify specific impairments in memory, language, and visual processing.
    • Based on these assessments, they can develop tailored cognitive rehabilitation programs to help the patient regain lost cognitive functions. This might include memory training, language therapy, and visual rehabilitation exercises.
    • Moreover, neuropsychologists can provide psychological support and coping strategies to the patient and their family as they adapt to the challenges posed by the injury.
  3. Psychophysiology:
    • Psychophysiology specialists can monitor the patient’s physiological responses, such as heart rate, stress levels, and emotional regulation, to gain insights into how the nervous system is reacting to the head injury.
    • By understanding the patient’s physiological responses, therapists can develop interventions to manage stress, anxiety, and emotional dysregulation, which are common after head injuries.
    • Biofeedback techniques can be employed to help the patient learn to control their physiological responses, promoting emotional well-being and overall recovery.
  4. Cognitive Neuroscience:
    • Cognitive neuroscientists contribute by using advanced neuroimaging techniques like MRI and EEG to assess the extent and location of brain damage caused by the head injury.

ARU Introduction to Biopsychology Discussion





Please respond to Carlise:

Using the following divisions of biopsychology, identify how a professional from each division would attempt to help a patient after a debilitating closed-head injury causing several impairments. When referring to each division, feel free to add deficits such as visual impairment, chronic headaches etc. to strengthen your response.

1) Psychopharmacology

3) Neuropsychology

4) Psychophysiology

5) Cognitive Neuroscience

A closed head injury means that the skull is intact and the brain is not directly touched by anything. A patient suffering this type of injury would need to consult medical professionals because the symptoms may not be apparent until later on. These injuries can result from playing sports, falls, car accidents, or violent crime. Symptoms may include, vision impairment, breathing difficulties, mood changes, loss of consciousness, or language impairment.

A psychopharmacologist would use medication to treat the patient, provide support, and manage any symptoms that arise from the use of medication. They would also make any adjustments to the medication to improve outcomes during treatment.

Neuropsychology would be necessary to provide education and support for the stress of the patient. They could do assessments that assess cognitive function like language and memory or vision. They may also provide coping strategies to the patient and their families now living with daily challenges after this type of injury occurs. Psychophysiology would be helpful to access the way the nervous systems would be responding to the head injury and provide clarity to the functioning of emotions, heart rate, stress, system regulation and response. The information provided can help a therapist provide the best treatment and support for the patient.

Cognitive Neuroscience would be beneficial to help doctors understand the impact on the brain trauma to cognitive functioning. If there is brain damage, understanding how much, the location, and the impact, there can be a better way to enhance treatment. The impairments to the brain functions can help with rehabilitation and provide better outcomes for the patient.

Collectively, these divisions would have to have an individualized and coordinated approach with all medical professionals involved. With their team effort there is a better chance for recovery, restored health and wellness for the patients.

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