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Arizona Christian University Management Improve Productivity Discussion

Arizona Christian University Management Improve Productivity Discussion


Chapter 10:

Q2: Some of the worst jobs I know about include coal miners, sanitation workers, and agricultural laborers. These jobs are considered bad for several reasons. First, they often involve hazardous working conditions, such as exposure to toxic substances, extreme temperatures, and physical risks. Second, they usually pay low wages, lack job security, and offer limited opportunities for advancement. Third, the physical and mental toll of these jobs can lead to health issues and a poor work-life balance.

People may want these jobs for various reasons, including limited access to education and job opportunities in their area, desperation for any form of employment, or family tradition. Additionally, some may see these jobs as a temporary means to support themselves or their families until they can find better employment.

Q3: If I were redesigning these jobs, I would focus on improving safety measures, offering better wages and benefits, and providing opportunities for skill development and career advancement. Realistically, implementing these changes would be challenging due to cost considerations and industry-specific challenges. However, these changes would likely improve productivity by increasing worker morale, reducing turnover, and enhancing overall job satisfaction.

Q5: The five core characteristics of a good job design are:

  1. Skill variety: Jobs should require a variety of skills and tasks to keep employees engaged and motivated.
  2. Task identity: Employees should be able to see the beginning and end of their tasks, making it easier to understand their contribution to the overall process.
  3. Task significance: Jobs should have a meaningful impact on the organization or society, making employees feel that their work is valuable.
  4. Autonomy: Employees should have a degree of control and decision-making authority over their work.
  5. Feedback: There should be clear and timely feedback on job performance to help employees improve and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Chapter 11:

Q1: Supply chain management is the strategic coordination and integration of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, conversion, and logistics management to ensure the efficient flow of goods, information, and services from the supplier to the end customer. It encompasses planning, monitoring, and optimizing the various processes and functions within the supply chain to meet customer demands while minimizing costs and maximizing value.

Q6: Three basic approaches to negotiations are:

  1. Distributive negotiation: This competitive approach aims to maximize individual gains by focusing on fixed resources. Parties often engage in positional bargaining and aim to secure the largest share of the available resources.
  2. Integrative negotiation: This collaborative approach seeks mutually beneficial solutions by exploring the interests and needs of both parties. It aims to expand the available resources through creative problem-solving and compromise.
  3. Principled negotiation (or “win-win” negotiation): This approach, popularized by the book “Getting to Yes” by Roger Fisher and William Ury, emphasizes separating people from the problem, focusing on interests rather than positions, generating options for mutual gain, and insisting on objective criteria to evaluate solutions.

Q7: When a firm decides to move to a few suppliers from a traditional relationship with many suppliers, the dynamics of their relationship change significantly. The key changes include:

  • Increased supplier dependence: The firm becomes more reliant on a smaller number of suppliers, making it vulnerable to disruptions in the supply chain caused by these suppliers.
  • Deeper collaboration: The firm and its chosen suppliers typically engage in more collaborative and strategic partnerships, which can lead to joint product development and cost-sharing initiatives.
  • Potential cost savings: By consolidating suppliers, the firm may negotiate better pricing and terms, potentially reducing costs and enhancing efficiency.
  • Greater supplier scrutiny: The firm may conduct more extensive assessments and audits of its chosen suppliers to ensure they meet quality, ethical, and environmental standards.
  • Enhanced supply chain visibility: The firm gains better visibility and control over its supply chain due to the more streamlined and focused supplier relationships.

Overall, while moving to a few suppliers can offer benefits, it also comes with risks related to supplier dependence, so careful management and contingency planning are crucial.

Arizona Christian University Management Improve Productivity Discussion



Chapter 10

Q2: what are some of the worst jobs you know about? Why are they bad jobs? Why do people want these jobs? (200 words)

Q3: If you were redesigning the jobs described in question 2, what changes would you make? Are your changes realistic? Would they improve productivity? (200 words)

Q5: What are the five core characteristics of a good job design? (200 words)

Chapter 11

Q1: Define supply chain management (200 words)

Q6:what are three basic approaches to negotiations? (200 words)

Q7: how does a traditional relationship with suppliers change when a firm makes a decision to move to a few suppliers? (200 words)

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