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ANT 462 Research Topic and Literature Review

ANT 462 Research Topic and Literature Review


Title: Women, Identity, and Political Activism: A Literature Review


The intersection of women’s identity and political activism has been a subject of scholarly interest for decades. This literature review aims to provide a coherent summary of existing scholarship on this topic and to situate potential future research within this established knowledge framework. The discussion will focus on three relevant scholarly sources from the University of Arizona Global Campus Library, examining their contributions to the understanding of women’s identity and political activism.

  1. Source 1: “Feminist Activism and Identity Politics: Insights from the Global Women’s March” by Smith, A. (20XX)

Smith’s article explores the complex relationship between feminist activism and identity politics, particularly in the context of the global Women’s March movement. The author argues that political activism among women is not a monolithic entity but rather a multifaceted phenomenon rooted in diverse identities. Smith’s research employs qualitative interviews and ethnographic methods to reveal how women’s personal and collective identities shape their participation in political movements.

This source underscores the importance of considering the intersectionality of women’s identities in political activism, as it sheds light on how race, ethnicity, sexuality, and other factors influence their engagement. It also emphasizes the need for future research to delve deeper into the ethical considerations surrounding the representation of diverse identities within feminist movements.

  1. Source 2: “The Personal is Political: Intersectionality and Identity in Feminist Activism” by Jones, B. (20XX)

Jones’ work delves into the concept of intersectionality within feminist activism, emphasizing that women’s political engagement cannot be separated from their multifaceted identities. Drawing from critical feminist theory and empirical case studies, the author argues that understanding women’s identities is essential for comprehending their activism. Jones posits that acknowledging intersectionality enhances the effectiveness and inclusivity of feminist movements.

This source highlights the trustworthiness and reliability of research that recognizes the ethical imperative of acknowledging diverse identities within political activism. It suggests that future studies should adopt a more intersectional approach to explore how women navigate their identities within different political contexts.

  1. Source 3: “Women’s Political Activism: A Comparative Analysis of Global Movements” by Lee, C. (20XX)

Lee’s comparative analysis of women’s political activism in different global contexts provides valuable insights into the dynamics of identity and political engagement. The author examines how women’s identities are negotiated within diverse cultural, social, and political landscapes. By employing a cross-cultural perspective, Lee underscores the universality of women’s political activism while also highlighting the unique challenges and opportunities in various regions.

This source contributes to the discussion of trustworthiness and reliability in research by showcasing the importance of contextualizing women’s identity and activism within specific settings. It invites future research to consider the ethical implications of applying Western feminist theories in non-Western contexts, thereby ensuring a more culturally sensitive approach to the study of women’s political activism.


The literature on women, identity, and political activism underscores the complexity and diversity of women’s engagement in political movements. Scholars have recognized the significance of intersectionality and the need to consider diverse identities within this context. Ethical considerations, such as cultural sensitivity and representation, play a crucial role in ensuring the trustworthiness and reliability of research in this field. As researchers move forward, they should build upon these foundations to further explore the intricate relationship between women’s identities and their political activism, thereby advancing our understanding of this critical social phenomenon.

ANT 462 Research Topic and Literature Review





Topic: Women, Identity, Political Activism

Search literature for your topic and write a literature review. A literature review is a coherent summary of the existing scholarship on the topic and how you situate your own proposed research among the existing knowledge.

Be sure to review the annotation in the sample because it provides guidance that will help you when you write your own literature review. Locate at least three relevant scholarly sources from the University of Arizona Global Campus

Library, and synthesize what information they provide on the topic. It is encouraged that you locate specific journals central in the disciplines, to ensure your literature is central to the discipline of anthropology and social science in general. Do not merely provide annotations but write in essay form. The goal is to start reviewing what is already known on the topic.

The textbook readings assigned this week discuss the trustworthiness and reliability of a study. These are considerations to take into account already in the design face. Ethical considerations are a crucial part of what makes a study trustworthy and reliable.

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