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Anglia Ruskin University Sharing Thoughts on Berkeleys Idealism Response

Anglia Ruskin University Sharing Thoughts on Berkeleys Idealism Response



You’ve provided a thoughtful reflection on Berkeley’s idealism and raised some interesting points. Let’s break down your understanding and your disagreement with Berkeley’s ideas.

Berkeley’s idealism indeed suggests that reality is fundamentally rooted in our perceptions and ideas. He famously claimed, “to be is to be perceived.” According to Berkeley, if something is perceived, it exists as an idea or concept in the mind, and the only reality lies in these ideas. If an idea resembles something else, it is considered real, but if it doesn’t, it’s intangible.

Your disagreement with Berkeley’s stance centers on the belief that our consciousness is more than just a product of our mind’s associations and can exist independently as energy and light outside the brain. This perspective aligns more closely with a dualistic or even panpsychist view, suggesting that consciousness has an existence beyond mere perception and thought. It’s worth noting that Berkeley’s idealism, while emphasizing the subjective nature of reality, doesn’t necessarily rule out the existence of a larger, shared reality or consciousness.

Berkeley’s critique of Locke’s ideas is also noteworthy. Locke’s empiricism posits that our sensory experiences shape our understanding of the world. Berkeley, on the other hand, is concerned about the potential for illusion and the uncertainty of truth that can arise from relying solely on sensory experiences. He argues that if everything is dependent on perception, then there’s no way to ensure that our perceptions accurately represent an external reality.

Your understanding and agreement with Berkeley’s concerns about misrepresentation and its impact on our perception of reality show a critical awareness of the potential limitations of relying solely on sensory data.

Overall, your reflections provide a valuable perspective on the complex philosophical ideas of Berkeley and his contemporaries. It’s essential to continue exploring these philosophical concepts, as they have profound implications for our understanding of reality, consciousness, and the nature of knowledge.

Anglia Ruskin University Sharing Thoughts on Berkeleys Idealism Response



please respond to Marlene

Berkeley’s Idealism

From my understanding I believe that Berkeley is trying to say if something is perceived, it is an idea or a concept… only if the idea is similar to the other concept. However, if not, therefore it is intangible. It seems that Berkeley believes things are real if they come from directly from the mind and what has been passively perceived.

I do not fully agree with Berkeley that ideas in our mind cannot resemble something “extra-mental”. Our consciousness is an extremely powerful state of the mind and I believe it exists on its own independently. I believe our consciousness is energy and light and it can exist outside of our brain. Berkeley reasoning explains what we can unconsciously detect… kinda like a robot understanding what is colour and shape due to its associations. Which is not incorrect because it is told to be true and factual.

Locke believes that the concepts experienced through the senses reflect the mind’s tangible things to influence those concepts. Feelings and emotions can often be associated with new perceptions. Berkeley disagrees with Locke because this perspective can create the possibility of illusion and uncertainty of the truth. I do understand and agree why Berkeley fears misrepresentation and how it can affect reality.

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