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Anglia Ruskin University Modern Philosophy Response

Anglia Ruskin University Modern Philosophy Response


It’s interesting that you agree with Berkeley’s Idealism, which posits that everything exists in the mind and that our ideas cannot resemble something outside the mind. Your perspective on how everything resembles itself in respect to every property, like color, is reflective of the core concept of idealism. Indeed, Berkeley argued that the external world is a composition of ideas and that the existence of things depends on their being perceived.

Your concern about lacking certain properties when our minds resemble something outside of the mind with other ideas aligns with Berkeley’s notion that we can only know the properties of objects as they appear to us through perception. According to Berkeley, we cannot know the true nature of an object beyond our ideas of it, which are shaped by our perceptions.

Now, as you mentioned, John Locke had a different perspective, particularly concerning innate ideas and knowledge. Locke argued that the mind is not a blank slate (tabula rasa) at birth and that some ideas are innate or present in the mind from the beginning. He believed that humans acquire knowledge through sensory experience, and while he acknowledged the importance of experience, he also believed in the existence of universal ideas.

Locke might indeed challenge Berkeley’s idealism by questioning the source of Berkeley’s ideas and principles. Locke might inquire how Berkeley arrived at the conclusion that everything exists only in the mind and whether this perspective can account for the existence of innate ideas or universally accepted principles.

In essence, the philosophical debate between Berkeley’s idealism and Locke’s empiricism is a fascinating exploration of the nature of knowledge, perception, and the existence of ideas. It’s a discussion that has persisted in philosophy for centuries, and it highlights the richness of philosophical thought when it comes to understanding the nature of reality and human cognition.

Anglia Ruskin University Modern Philosophy Response



please respond

Berkeley’s Idealism

I agree with Berkeley as our ideas cannot resemble something outside the mind because everything shares its own properties with itself, so everything resembles itself in respect of every kind of property like for example, the resemblance in respect of colour, is reflexive because everything is the same colour as itself. In my opinion, I believe if we resemble something outside of the mind with other ideas, then we can lack certain properties as our minds would have different perspectives.

Locke might bring about innate ideas and knowledge and he can argue that innate ideas are universal. According to his perspective, humans cannot have ideas in which they are not aware and somehow, we have to be taught by somebody who has the right principles or go the other route and figure it out ourselves. He might judge some of Berkeley’s ideas and ask some deep thought questions on how he came up with them as well as what are some of the principles of idealism.

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