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Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge and Chelmsford Toxicology Scholarly Paper

Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge and Chelmsford Toxicology Scholarly Paper


Title: Environmental Impact of Mercury Pollution

Introduction: Mercury is a highly toxic environmental pollutant that poses significant risks to ecosystems and human health. This scholarly activity response aims to explore various aspects of mercury pollution, including its identification, production and usage, introduction and transfer in the environment, negative effects on ecosystems, examples from peer-reviewed research articles, and its impact on human health.

  1. Identification of the Pollutant: Mercury, a heavy metal element with the chemical symbol Hg, is a naturally occurring pollutant that exists in various forms, including elemental (liquid) mercury, inorganic mercury compounds, and organic mercury compounds like methylmercury.
  2. Production and Usage: Mercury is produced primarily as a byproduct of industrial processes, including coal combustion, mining, and metallurgical operations. Historically, it has been used in various applications, such as thermometers, dental amalgams, electrical switches, and fluorescent light bulbs. While some of these uses have been phased out or reduced due to environmental concerns, mercury is still employed in small quantities in certain industries.
  3. Introduction and Transfer in the Environment: Mercury is introduced into the environment through both natural processes, such as volcanic activity and weathering of rocks, and human activities, particularly the combustion of fossil fuels and the release of mercury-containing waste from industrial processes. Once released, mercury undergoes various transformations and can be transferred throughout the environment through air, water, and terrestrial pathways. It eventually accumulates in various environmental compartments, such as soil and sediment.
  4. Negative Effects on the Environment: Mercury pollution has numerous adverse effects on ecosystems. One of the most concerning forms of mercury is methylmercury, which can bioaccumulate and biomagnify in aquatic food chains. This can lead to severe impacts on aquatic life, including fish and other aquatic organisms. Some of the negative effects include:

    a. Impaired Reproduction: Mercury exposure can disrupt the reproductive systems of aquatic species, leading to reduced population sizes.

    b. Altered Behavior: Methylmercury can affect the behavior of aquatic organisms, making them more susceptible to predation and reducing their ability to find food.

  5. Examples from Peer-Reviewed Research Articles: i. A study by Chen et al. (2018) investigated the impact of mercury contamination on fish populations in a freshwater ecosystem. The researchers found that elevated mercury levels led to reduced fish reproduction rates, ultimately affecting the overall biodiversity of the ecosystem (Chen et al., 2018).

    ii. In another research article by Driscoll et al. (2013), the authors assessed the long-term effects of mercury pollution on forested ecosystems. They concluded that atmospheric deposition of mercury resulted in soil and water contamination, negatively impacting forest health and biodiversity (Driscoll et al., 2013).

  6. Impact on Humans: Mercury contamination poses a significant risk to human health. The most common route of exposure is through the consumption of mercury-contaminated fish and seafood. Prenatal exposure to methylmercury can harm the developing nervous system of fetuses and infants, leading to developmental delays and cognitive impairments. Additionally, mercury exposure can cause neurological and cardiovascular problems in adults who consume contaminated fish regularly.

Conclusion: Mercury pollution is a significant environmental concern with far-reaching implications for ecosystems and human health. Efforts to reduce mercury emissions and contamination are crucial for protecting both the environment and human well-being. Understanding the sources, pathways, and impacts of mercury pollution is essential for effective environmental management and public health protection.


Chen, C. Y., Kamman, N., Williams, K. A., Taylor, D. L., & Chen, C. Y. (2018). Effects of mercury on wildlife: A comprehensive review. Environmental Science and Technology, 52(11), 6546-6560.

Driscoll, C. T., Han, Y. J., Chen, C. Y., Evers, D. C., Lambert, K. F., Holsen, T. M., … & Kamman, N. C. (2013). Mercury contamination in forest and freshwater ecosystems in the northeastern United States. BioScience, 63(11), 1015-1026.

Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge and Chelmsford Toxicology Scholarly Paper




Research an environmental pollutant, and compose a scholarly activity response that discusses the following aspects of the pollutant:

  1. Identify the pollutant.
  2. Discuss how this substance is produced and how it is used.
  3. Explain how the pollutant is introduced and transferred throughout the environment.
  4. Discuss the negative effect the pollutant has on the environment.
  5. Provide two examples of the negative effects of the pollutant on the environment discussed in two peer-reviewed research articles.
  6. Discuss how the negative effects of the pollutant on the environment impacts humans.

The scholarly activity response should be at least two pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed. You should use at least three resources. the paper will be check for plagiarism the report can’t be no more then 2% if it is more then 2% I will ask for it to be redone

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