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American University MSit Computer Science Worksheet

American University MSit Computer Science Worksheet


Comment 1 on Cloud Computing Principles: Elastic Network Capacity Architecture

Elastic network capacity architecture is a fundamental principle in cloud computing that allows for the dynamic allocation and scaling of network resources based on demand. It is designed to ensure that a network can expand or contract seamlessly to accommodate varying workloads and user traffic. Here are five benefits of this architecture:

  1. Scalability: Elastic network capacity architecture enables businesses to easily scale their network resources up or down as needed. This is particularly valuable for organizations with fluctuating workloads, such as e-commerce websites during holiday seasons.
  2. Cost-Efficiency: By only paying for the network capacity they use, organizations can optimize their costs. During periods of low demand, they can reduce network resources, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses.
  3. High Availability: This architecture promotes redundancy and load balancing, ensuring high availability and fault tolerance. If one network node fails, traffic is automatically rerouted to available nodes, minimizing downtime.
  4. Improved Performance: With the ability to allocate more resources during peak periods, elastic network capacity architecture enhances network performance, reducing latency and ensuring a smooth user experience.
  5. Resource Optimization: It allows for efficient utilization of hardware resources, as network capacity can be dynamically adjusted to match workload requirements. This helps in reducing resource wastage.

Organizations across various industries can benefit from elastic network capacity architecture. For instance, e-commerce companies can handle increased traffic during sales events, financial institutions can manage high-frequency trading volumes, and healthcare providers can ensure reliable access to critical patient data during emergencies.

Comment 2 on Cloud Computing Principles: Elastic Network Capacity Architecture

Elastic network capacity architecture is a crucial element of cloud computing that revolutionizes the way networks are managed. This principle is deeply intertwined with the concept of scalability in cloud services. Here, I’ll provide an overview of what I’ve learned and share my thoughts on the future of cloud computing.

What I’ve Learned: Studying cloud computing principles has been an enlightening experience. I’ve grasped the significance of scalability, and specifically, elastic network capacity architecture, in adapting to varying workloads. One key aspect is the dynamic allocation of network resources, which ensures optimal performance and cost-efficiency. Additionally, high availability and fault tolerance are critical for maintaining uninterrupted services. I’ve also learned that this architecture is applicable to a wide range of industries.

Most Interesting Aspect: The most interesting aspect for me has been the real-world applications of cloud computing principles. Learning how different organizations, from startups to multinational corporations, leverage the cloud to enhance their operations and services has been fascinating. The ability to scale resources on-demand and the potential for cost savings are particularly compelling.

Most Difficult to Grasp: While the concepts themselves are not overly complex, the challenge lies in the implementation and management of cloud resources. Understanding how to architect a cloud-based system that fully harnesses the benefits of elasticity can be daunting. Furthermore, ensuring security and compliance in the cloud can be intricate, but it’s vital for successful adoption.

The Future of Cloud Computing: I firmly believe that cloud computing will continue to grow and evolve. The flexibility and cost-efficiency it offers are too valuable for businesses to ignore. As technology advances, we can expect even more sophisticated cloud services, such as improved automation, enhanced security measures, and the integration of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and edge computing. The cloud will remain a pivotal force in shaping the digital landscape.

In conclusion, cloud computing principles, particularly elastic network capacity architecture, are foundational in modern IT. They provide the agility and scalability needed to meet the demands of today’s dynamic business environments. As we move forward, I anticipate further innovations in cloud technology, making it an indispensable tool for organizations worldwide.

American University MSit Computer Science Worksheet





Question 1: Describe the following cloud computing principles:

Elastic network capacity architecture

List 5 benefits

Identify who you believe would use this type of architecture

  • Question 2: Summarize what you have learned to date by Wednesday midnight. What has been the most interesting? What has been the most difficult to grasp? Do you believe cloud computing is going to continue to grow?
  • Notes: (for Q:1 and 2)  Mentions at least 2 specific points from the assigned reading/topic. Utilizes at least 2 resources that are properly cited. Discussion at a graduate level, not just recitation of facts from the article. Length of post is at least 300 words.
  • Question 3 : With regard to graphs,

(1) why is it a good idea to separate the first (entry) node from any looping nodes? and

(2) why is it a good idea to have JUST ONE alternative direction, given an operation? [For instance if X < Y we go from node 3 to node 4 ONLY and no other node].  And,

(3) Is there a better way to do all of this?  A better way to represent logic flow than these types of diagrams (either the manual ones like we used in chapter 6 or the ones we saw from the Node Generator for instance)???

I need 2 different comment on those topics in different files.

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