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Allen University Social Science Paper

Allen University Social Science Paper


1. Baby Boomers and Their Impact on Aging:

Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, are a generation that has had a profound impact on how our society deals with aging. Firstly, their sheer numbers make them a crucial demographic. As the largest generation in U.S. history, comprising about 20% of the population, Baby Boomers are reshaping the dynamics of aging by straining healthcare and retirement systems. For example, they have driven the demand for specialized healthcare services catering to age-related conditions, such as joint replacements and Alzheimer’s care.

Secondly, Baby Boomers are challenging traditional retirement expectations. Many are choosing to work longer or engage in “encore careers” after their initial retirement. This choice is driven by economic factors, personal fulfillment, and the desire to remain active contributors to society. This trend is exemplified by individuals like Warren Buffett and Oprah Winfrey, who continue to work and influence industries well into their 70s.

Lastly, Baby Boomers are influencing the housing market by seeking alternatives to traditional senior living communities. The aging-in-place movement, where older adults modify their homes to accommodate their changing needs, has gained traction. For instance, walk-in tubs, wider doorways, and smart home technology are becoming more common to facilitate independent living.

2. Changes in Courtship, Marriage, and Family Patterns:

Throughout history and today, courtship, marriage, and family patterns have undergone significant transformations. In the past, arranged marriages were prevalent, and they were often driven by economic or social considerations. Today, the emphasis has shifted towards love and personal compatibility as the primary factors in choosing a partner. This change is exemplified by the rise of online dating platforms, where individuals seek relationships based on shared interests and values rather than familial or societal pressures.

Additionally, the definition of family has evolved. In the past, the nuclear family was the norm, with a husband, wife, and children living together. Today, diverse family structures, such as single-parent families, blended families, and same-sex families, are more widely accepted and recognized. For instance, legalizing same-sex marriage in many countries reflects a societal shift towards recognizing and respecting different family forms.

Furthermore, changing gender roles have had a profound impact on marriage and family dynamics. Women’s increasing participation in the workforce has led to more equitable distribution of household and childcare responsibilities. For example, the rise of stay-at-home dads and dual-income households challenges traditional gender norms.

3. Analysis of Chosen Article: “Philly may ban cashless businesses”

This article discusses the potential ban on cashless businesses in Philadelphia. It is aimed at addressing the issue of financial exclusion, where individuals without access to digital payment methods are unable to participate in the economy.

From a Functionalist perspective, this ban can be seen as a way to promote social cohesion. By ensuring that businesses accept cash, a more inclusive society is created where everyone can engage in economic transactions. It also reduces the risk of marginalized groups being further excluded from the economic mainstream.

A Conflict Theorist might argue that cashless businesses disproportionately disadvantage lower-income individuals, exacerbating socioeconomic inequalities. They could say that such businesses cater more to the affluent, widening the gap between the haves and the have-nots.

From a Symbolic Interactionist viewpoint, the ban signifies a change in societal norms and expectations regarding payment methods. It reflects how the meaning and importance of physical cash have evolved in the digital age, affecting people’s daily interactions with money.

In this case, the Functionalist perspective does the best job of explaining the article. It emphasizes the importance of social cohesion and inclusivity in society, aligning with the ban’s intent to ensure equal access to economic opportunities for all. While Conflict Theory highlights the disparities, the overall societal goal of inclusivity takes precedence in this context. Symbolic Interactionism provides insight into how changing norms and symbols shape our interactions with money but doesn’t address the broader societal issues at play in the same way as the Functionalist perspective does.

Allen University Social Science Paper



1. Instructions: Answer the questions/statements in well-constructed 4paragraphs. Ensure to include specific examples to support your ideas.

What makes Baby Boomers an important generation? Describe three ways they are impacting how our society deals with aging.

2. Instructions: Answer the questions/statements in well-constructed 3paragraphs. Ensure to include specific examples to support your ideas.

What changes and trends have courtship, marriage, and family patterns experienced throughout history and today?

3. Browse through the following online articles, and choose ONE article to analyze.

1.  Nurses trapped in Haiti protests

2.  Philly may ban cashless businesses

3.  Education news: teacher strike, uniforms

4.  Online support for drug users

Read through your chosen article carefully, then write about it in your journal.  Be sure to cover the following points:

  • Give a very brief (one or two sentences) explanation of what your article is about.
  • Explain at least ONE thing that each of the three paradigms of sociological theory would have to say about the article.  In other words, one thing a Functionalist might say about it, one thing a Conflict Theorist might say about it, and one thing a Symbolic Interactionist might say about it.
  • Tell me which of the three theories you think does the best job of explaining your article, and why.


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