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Addressing Income Inequality Policy.

Addressing Income Inequality Policy.


  1. Progressive Taxation: Implement a more progressive tax system where those with higher incomes pay a larger percentage of their earnings in taxes. This can be achieved through statutory changes that increase tax rates for high-income earners. The rationale behind this change is to redistribute wealth and reduce the income gap.
  2. Increase the Minimum Wage: Raise the federal minimum wage to a level that ensures a living wage for all workers. This would require both statutory changes at the federal level and potentially regulatory changes at the state level to adapt to regional differences in living costs. Raising the minimum wage can help lift many individuals and families out of poverty.
  3. Education and Job Training: Invest in accessible and affordable education and job training programs. This can be done through regulatory changes to allocate more funding for education and job training initiatives. Education is a key factor in income inequality, and providing opportunities for skill development can help individuals access better-paying jobs.

Opposition to these changes might come from various quarters, including wealthy individuals and corporations who may resist higher taxes and increased labor costs. They may argue that such policies stifle economic growth or hinder their ability to create jobs. Conservative political groups and policymakers might also oppose these changes on ideological grounds, emphasizing limited government intervention in the economy.

To influence the general public and policymakers to adopt these proposed changes, several means and methods can be employed. Advocacy groups, think tanks, and academic experts can use research and data to make a compelling case for the benefits of reducing income inequality. Grassroots organizing, public demonstrations, and social media campaigns can raise awareness and mobilize public support. Additionally, engaging with political action committees (PACs) that support policies addressing income inequality and backing candidates who champion these issues can also be an effective strategy to influence policy change. Ultimately, a multi-pronged approach that combines research, public engagement, and political advocacy is essential to address income inequality effectively.

Addressing Income Inequality Policy.

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After reading and considering all the material covered in the various chapters of the text, consider some specific public policy issue/problem (whether addressed in the text or some alternative one that was not covered) that is important to you (i.e., that should be addressed). After conducting research on that topic, and with appropriate reference citations, in a couple of paragraphs describe what change(s) you propose should be made, including why (e.g., reasons undergirding the change(s)), how the change should occur (e.g., constitutional, statutory, regulatory, etc.), why there might be opposition (e.g., from what individuals/groups, on what grounds, etc.), and what specific means/methods you, and/or any other possible supporters, might use in an effort to influence the general public and policy makers to adopt the proposed change(s) (e.g., the media, PACs, etc.).

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