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Absolute Safety Training Paramedic Program Effects of Actions Discussion

Absolute Safety Training Paramedic Program Effects of Actions Discussion


  1. Understanding Diversion-Oriented vs. Punitive-Oriented Systems:
    • Diversion-Oriented System: A diversion-oriented system in the context of juvenile justice focuses on diverting young offenders away from traditional punitive measures such as arrest, court processing, and detention. Instead, it seeks to provide alternative pathways for rehabilitation and addressing the underlying issues that led to delinquent behavior. This may involve community-based programs, counseling, educational interventions, or restorative justice approaches. The emphasis is on addressing the root causes of juvenile delinquency and preventing future offenses through a rehabilitative approach.
    • Punitive or Punishment-Oriented System: A punitive-oriented system, on the other hand, places a stronger emphasis on punitive measures like arrest, formal court processing, and detention. It seeks to hold juvenile offenders accountable through punitive sanctions, often prioritizing retribution and incapacitation. The focus is on punishment rather than rehabilitation, and it tends to treat juvenile offenders as adults, which may not consider the developmental differences and needs of young offenders.
  2. Effectiveness of Shifting Towards Diversion:

    Shifting towards a diversion-oriented model in the U.S. juvenile justice system can be effective for several reasons:

    • Rehabilitation: It recognizes that many juvenile offenders can benefit more from rehabilitation and therapeutic interventions than punitive measures. Treating the underlying issues can help prevent them from becoming repeat offenders.
    • Cost Savings: Diversion programs are often less expensive than incarceration, which can save taxpayers’ money and reduce the burden on the juvenile justice system.
    • Reduced Recidivism: Diversion programs, when well-designed, have shown success in reducing recidivism rates by addressing the root causes of delinquency and providing support to youth.
    • Developmental Consideration: It acknowledges the developmental differences between juveniles and adults, considering their potential for rehabilitation and the importance of not stigmatizing them early in life.
  3. Example of a Diversion-Oriented Model:

    An example of a diversion-oriented model in the U.S. is the “Teen Court” program. This program operates in various states and counties, such as Florida and California. Its main features include:

    • Peer-Driven Approach: Teen Court involves a panel of teenage volunteers who serve as jurors, attorneys, and clerks. The young offender is tried by their peers rather than traditional adult judges and attorneys.
    • Restorative Justice: The focus is on restorative justice principles, where offenders are held accountable for their actions but also provided with opportunities to make amends to the community and victims through community service, counseling, or educational programs.
    • Education and Support: Offenders are often required to attend educational workshops or counseling sessions to address the underlying issues that led to their delinquent behavior.
  4. Impact on Case Processing and Caseflow Management:

    Shifting towards a diversion-oriented model can have several impacts on case processing and caseflow management:

    • Reduced Court Caseloads: Diversion programs can reduce the number of cases going through formal court processing, alleviating the burden on the court system.
    • Shorter Processing Times: Since diversion programs often require fewer formal court procedures, cases can be resolved more quickly.
    • Individualized Approach: Caseflow management may become more individualized, with a focus on assessing each juvenile offender’s needs and tailoring interventions accordingly.
    • Community Involvement: Community-based diversion programs may involve local organizations and volunteers, fostering community engagement in the juvenile justice process.
    • Reduced Recidivism: Over time, a diversion-oriented approach can lead to fewer repeat offenses, which further eases the caseload on the system.

    In summary, a shift towards a diversion-oriented model in the U.S. juvenile justice system can offer a more effective, cost-efficient, and developmentally appropriate approach to dealing with young offenders, with potential benefits for case processing and caseflow management.

Absolute Safety Training Paramedic Program Effects of Actions Discussion





First, demonstrate the understanding of what the authors mean by “diversion-oriented system” versus “punitive- or punishment-oriented system.”

Second, offer the perspective on whether a shift toward a “diversion” and away from a “punishment” (arrest, court processing, court trial, possible detention) model for dealing with juvenile offenders would be effective in the U.S. juvenile justice system.

  • Third, find an example of a diversion-oriented model that has been applied by a U.S. state or county juvenile court system, and describe its main features.
  • Finally, suggest how you think a diversion-oriented shift might impact case processing and caseflow management.
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